The Team

SBMT Racing Team was founded in 2014, being the initiative of the team leader back-then and was achieved from their first participation and they came very close from the qualification to the World Finals , occupying the 4rth place and 2 awards.

The following year, our team, with new members at its total and being motivated from the effort of the previous SBMT team, managed to conquer the 3rd place and 3 awards, sending them to the World Finals of Texas. Unfortunately, without being able to take place (limited budget).

Last year, our team changed its members again and holding a tradition of 2 years participation , took the 7th place in the national level and even though they did not succed on passing to the world finals , they gave their best gaining 2 trophies.

In conclusion, this year's , with hardly any changes of the team members , are ambitious to qualify to the next phase of the contest, after their convincing appearance in the Semi - Finals (3rd Place).